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X Japan ( = ッ ク ジ ジ ジ パ ン , Ekkusu Japan > ) is a group of Japanese metal / visual kei founded in 1982 by Yoshiki Hayashi and Toshimitsu "Toshi" Deyama>. Originally called X ( lang = "ja"> エ ッ ク ス > ) , the band will hit in 1989 with their second album, Blue Blood. Forerunner of the visual kei movement >>>, the band's music will progressively evolve from power / speed metal to a more progressive sound, with a focus on orchestral ballads. After five albums and eighteen singles, the group will separate in 1997.

The group was one of the first musical groups to win on the Japanese stage despite being part of an independent label. In 2007, the group had sold more than 30 million records and more than two million videos before their separation in 1997, despite nearly 10 years of inactivity. On June 4, 2007, the band was officially reformed, with a new single, I.V., released in January 2008 on the iTunes digital platform. X Japan also gave concerts in March and May 2008 in Japan >>>.

His seniority, the tragic death of his guitarist as well as his remarkable work, make X Japan a group of the Metal scene considered mythical.

In 1978, in Tateyama, Yoshiki and Toshi, two college students, inspired by the American group Kiss, founded the group Dynamite, which became Noise in the summer of 1980. They gave their first concert in a ceremonial hall of the college. The singer of the small group changes colleges and pushes Toshi, then guitarist, to take the post. Then the group dissolves after the end of the college years, members going to different high schools. Toshi and Yoshiki, who find themselves alone in their new high school, then go up to X. After high school, Yoshiki takes classes at the conservatory, but leaves him in January 1984 to try his luck in Tokyo. Toshi decides to follow him and adapt his studies accordingly.

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