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Zemfira (Russian: = "ru"> Земфира ) is a Russian rock band from Ufa (Bashkortostan, Russia) founded in 1998 by the singer and leader Zemfira Talgatovna Ramazanova (born August 26, 1976 in Ufa). In 2005, the group broke up after many changes. Some musicians go to other bands and Zemfira, the soloist, composer and lyricist embarks on a solo career.

Entering the brand new pop rock label, Zemfira conquered a very large audience from his first album. His success is demonstrable: his music is out of the ordinary pop groups and his words are more in the philosophical domain while keeping an enigmatic side.

AIDS songs (You have AIDS, that means we're dying), Hanging (I want to hang myself, the lamp, the rope, the stairs, two bloody months, how many mines and victims.) I'll be up there , silent and in love) are not suicidal and cynical songs like those of all the rock bands of the moment but are a mixture of controversy and winking to the basics of the mediatized life of the singer. Far from the protest underground of previous years (Aquarium, Kino, DDT ...), the music of Zemfira appears more consensual, channeling the spirit rock in a more commercial sense while maintaining a tormented aspect that is suitable for a wider audience .

Today Zemfira Ramazanova is considered the best paid singer in Russian show-bizz. His Vendetta album, released in 2005, showed its apogee in Russia: after 3 years of absence his new album is considered in advance as a new masterpiece and generates a great media coverage despite the desire to the singer.

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