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Zeni Geva is a Japanese rock and heavy metal band from Tokyo. It is directed by guitarist and singer Kazuyuki K. Null. The musical style of Zeni Geva is eclectic and includes elements of heavy metal, hardcore, industrial music, noise rock and avant-garde. Zeni Geva is also the title of a comic strip.

The group was formed in 1987 in Tokyo. The name of the group, Zeni Geva, comes from Zeni, an old Japanese term meaning "currency", and Geva from the German gewalt ( "violence" )>. Singer, guitarist, and programmer K.K. Null (Kazuyuki Kishino) formed the band with guitarist Fumiyoshi Suzuki and drummer Ikuo Taketani. Together, they record their first studio album, How to Kill, produced by Steve Albini, and released in 1992 on Null's NUX Organization label. In 1993, they signed on to the Alternative Tentacles label and recorded their second album, Desire for Agony, in September 1993 >>>. That same year released the album All Right, You Little Bastards! at Nipp Guitar.

Between 1994 and 1996, the band toured Europe, the United States, Japan, New Zealand, and Australia. In the meantime, they released the live album Live in Amerika in August 1995, which documents their tour between August 8 and August 27, 1992. Noro decides to leave the group in 1996>. Zeni Geva regularly plays alongside American drummer Blake Fleming, but studio recordings stagnate and Null is dedicated to several solo and collaborative projects. Zeni Geva is gaining popularity in the United States and touring with bands such as Pain Teens, Melvins, Crash Worship, Ed Hall and Shellac.

Finally, they publish 10,000 Light Years with Null, Tabata, and the drummer Masataka Fujikake, in 2001 at the label Neurot Recordings>. The album is very experimental in nature and clearly reflects Null's latest avant-garde sound feats >>>. Null returns to his projects afterwards. The group does not return active until 2009, when the drummer Yoshida joined Null and Tabata for a tour Alive and Rising in 2010. The group gives no sign of life, but does not announce its separation.

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