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Adelmo " Zucchero" Fornaciari (pronounced: ), born September 25, 1955 in Roncocesi, frazione (hamlet attached) of Reggio d' Émilie, in Emilia-Romagna, is an Italian rock singer. He earned the nickname Zucchero (sugar in French) from his earliest childhood, because his schoolmistress called him by that affectionate nickname (indeed, Zucchero means someone adorable ). He studied to become a veterinarian, but it was a friend who encouraged him to go to music.

He began his musical career in 1970. In Tuscany he first joined small groups of R'n'B (Nuove Luci, Sugar & Daniels in 1973, Sugar & Candies in 1978 and I Taxi)> . He recorded his first album in 1976, then he will go on his own in 1983, date of his first solo album entitled "A po 'di Zucchero". He then met Randy Jackson with whom he founded a new band, Zucchero & the Randy Jackson Band. He emigrates to California. He sings in English and Italian. His music is largely inspired by gospel, and alternates ballads and much more rhythmic pieces, close to boogie. His inspiration is very blues and rhythm & soul. Like B.B. King, her spiritual father in blues, the Italian superstar debuted at the church. This vocal initiation only reinforced his love of black-American music, discovered at the university through an American friend.

His real rise begins with the solo album Blue's (1987). It sells over a million and a half copies in Italy. The record remains at the top of sales for one year and the Italian joins one of his masters on stage, Joe Cocker. Zucchero is revealed to all Europe in 1989 with the title Diavolo In Me, precisely inspired by a piece of the British singer. It continues its momentum two years later with mega hit Senza Una Donna. A song that he originally played alone - it's already on the Blue's album - and that becomes a big hit in association with Paul Young.

After the album Oro Incenso & Birra (1989) which sold 1.8 million copies in Italy (eight platinum discs) and 8 million in the world (platinum record in Switzerland and France), (which literally means " Gold, Incense and Beer ") Zucchero publishes Miserere (1992). This one is a platinum platinum sevenfold in Italy and a platinum record in Switzerland and Europe. The title track is a duet with Luciano Pavarotti. On this occasion, they both initiate the project "Pavarotti & Friends", annual meeting of singers for humanitarian purposes.

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