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Acid bath

Acid Bath is an American sludge metal band from Houma, Louisiana. Acid Bath mixes the roots of doom metal with black metal, death metal, gothic rock, blues, folk, and country >>>. In an interview with Pit Magazine, singer Dax Riggs classifies their "death rock" sound as a recurring theme in their tracks, and not the deathrock), which is also classified stoner metal and doom metal.

Acid Bath was formed in Louisiana in 1991 from the collaboration of two musicians of the band Dark Karnival (Sammy Pierre Duet and Audie Pitre) and three members of Golgotha ​​(Jimmy Kyle, Mike Sanchez and Dax Riggs). Influenced by thrash metal and artists such Black Sabbath, Celtic Frost or Carcass, they released three demos and a live before signing on the independent label Rotten Records. In 1994, they released When the Kite String Pops, a first album produced by Spike Cassidy of D.R.I. and whose visual is a work of serial killer John Wayne Gacy. Their second album, produced as their first demos by their manager Keith Falgout, comes out two years later. If the band is not very successful commercially, his albums influence a sludge metal scene in full swing.

In January 1997, the bassist Audie Pitre died with his parents in a road accident, and the group separates the same year. Sammy Duet founded the black metal band Goatwhore, for which he reuses riffs originally written for a third album of Acid Bath. In 2014 he denies the drummer Jimmy Kyle who claimed that Acid Bath was looking for a singer for a reformation.

Rotten Records releases the Double Live Bootleg video! in 2002> and a compilation of the demos of the group in 2005.

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