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Annihilator is a Canadian thrash metal band from Ottawa, Ontario. The group was formed in 1984 by its leader and sole permanent member Jeff Waters>.

Created in 1984>, the group won its first contract with the record label Roadrunner Records in 1989, after a first self-produced record in 1986, entitled Phantasmagoria >, kept confidential and not found. The debut of the band sees the participation of John Bates, who even participated in writing songs on at least three albums of Annihilator and will also be the founder of Bates Motel and Big John Bates, a rock formation with burlesque show. The first real album Alice in Hell thus came out in 1989 at the Roadrunner label. His musical quality allows him to immediately meet a relatively large success, and he is at the time one of the best sellers of the Roadrunner label. Considered> as Jeff Waters' major masterpiece, the compositions are varied and impressive in technicality and energy. The album is often considered by the specialized press as an influential record and a thrash metal reference >>>>>.

Anthony Greenham, credited as a rhythm guitarist on the cover of Alice in Hell , is replaced by Dave Scott Davis just after the release of the album because it turns out not to have the level sufficient to ensure the concerts. Singer Randy Rampage (former member of the Canadian punk band DOA) is himself replaced by Coburn Pharr (ex-OMEN band member) just before the production of the following album because of his professional commitment on a shipyard >. These staff changes are a constant throughout the group's career. But as Annihilator can be considered as Jeff Waters' exclusive project, this will not stop him from continuing. In fact, in the studio, Jeff generally records the various guitar and bass parts, and programs the drum parts. The other musicians are especially present for the live performances of the band. Will follow the album Never, Neverland the following year. This second disc is in a certain musical continuity compared to its predecessor. It remains Annihilator's most sold album, and one of the few albums Jeff Waters did not produce himself.

The third album Set the World on Fire released in 1993, sees once again important changes in the composition of the group, but also in the artistic orientation. The slowed tempo marks a certain stylistic change, sometimes similar to the 1980s hair metal. Songs like the very hardFM ballad Phoenix Rising cutting a little with the thrash metal heavy and technical debut and yet will not conquer a wider audience. This musical reorientation coincides with the general decline of classical metal and the advent of grunge, Annihilator can not continue its progression nor to impose on the North American market. Jeff Waters continues however, taking also the place of singer. King of the Kill (1994), quite rock'n'roll heavy and having benefited a success and a tour in Japan, and Refresh The Demon (1996) renewing a little with thrash metal.

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