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Richard David James , better known as the Aphex Twin , is a British composer of electronic music, born in Limerick, Ireland on August 18, 1971. He grew up in Cornwall. He is generally considered one of the most influential artists on the electronic scene >>>>>, especially in the ambient techno and IDM genres >>>.

Beginning with a style close to acid techno, with releases under the pseudonyms AFX and Polygon Window , James is acclaimed by critics for his first album, Selected Ambient Works 85-92, published in 1992. During this period, he joined the British label Warp and co-founded the independent label Rephlex Records. In 1997, he gained notoriety with the single Come to Daddy, and especially, two years later, with the single Windowlicker, which reached 16> place of the weekly ranking of singles in the United Kingdom. These two singles remain famous for their clips made by Chris Cunningham.

After his album Drukqs in 2001, James goes into a period of inactivity under the pseudo Aphex Twin, but continues to produce music under other pseudonyms, including the series of EP Analord in 2005 under that of AFX before two other releases in 2007 as The Tuss . He returned in 2014 under the alias Aphex Twin with the album Syro, which won the Grammy Award for the best dance / electronic album on the occasion of the 57th Grammy Awards.

James was born in 1971 in Limerick>, of Welsh parents. His father is a minor and his mother is a nurse. He grew up in Lanner, Cornwall, with two older sisters, and lived a childhood "very happy" during which he "can do this that he wants ". He likes to feel separated from nearby cities and the rest of the world. In his early musical experiences as a child, James plays with the strings of his family's piano, just like the prepared piano of composer John Cage. At the age of nine, he starts buying cassettes and tape recorders. He attended Redruth School in Redruth>, and claims to have produced sound on a Sinclair ZX81 (a machine without audio equipment) at the age of 11: "When I was 11, I won 50 books in a contest for writing this program that produced sound on a ZX81. You could not produce sound on a ZX81, but I played with the machine code and found codes that broadcast the TV signal to produce that very strange sound when you turned up the volume. However, a blogger who investigated this claim will find that a person with a different name, Garry N. Owen, won the contest, possibly James behind a pseudonym>.

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