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Blind melon

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Blind Melon is an American rock band from the 1990s.

Blind Melon is a UFO in the musical world of American rock bands of the 1990s: their roots were in classic rock (Grateful Dead, Led Zeppelin, Janis Joplin, Traffic, The Velvet Underground) as well as in the grunge scene of the time (Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Soundgarden). And while their story was just beginning, the overdose death of singer Shannon Hoon was to put a temporary end to the band after only two studio albums. Fortunately, Blind Melon found a shoe in his shoes in 2006, Travis Warren, and decided to go back to where she left off.

Blind Melon was formed in 1990 in Los Angeles. The band members came from all over the United States (singer Shannon Hoon was born in Lafayette, Indiana, guitarist Christopher Thorn was from Pennsylvania and guitarist Rogers Stevens, bassist Brad Smith and drummer Glen Graham came from Mississippi). The band was then the opposite of the Californian local scene which gave mainly in glam rock and heavy metal. The group started out as 'Brown Cow', then 'Mud Bird', then 'Naked Pilgrims' and 'Head Train' before opting for 'Blind Melon' when Brad Smith's father once treated them of 'blind melon' (a term that refers to a band of hippies who do nothing of his days).

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