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Chthonic , sometimes stylized ChthoniC or ChThoniC , is a Taiwanese symphonic black metal band from Taipei. Currently signed at Spinefarm Records, this group has a total of nine studio albums.

Chthonic is one of the leading groups representing the Asian metal scene and having an international notoriety. They have shot several times in Europe and the United States (notably alongside Arch Enemy). The group is recognized for its ability to incorporate many traditional Asian instruments into their compositions, such as the erhu or the sitar. After Freddy Lim, the band's vocalist, visited the 14th Dalai Lama in Dharamsala in early 2009, Chthonic decided to participate in the Tibetan Freedom Concert in July of the same year in Taipei.

Chthonic is named Best International Artist in 2009 at the Tibetan Music Awards. In January 2016 Freddy Lim, leader of the group, wins the general elections in Taiwan.

Chthonic was formed in 1995, and the name of the group, "Chthonic" , is an ancient Greek term for "the earth" . In Asia, the term is pronounced thonic>. The first members are Freddy Lim, accompanied by fellow high school students. The group made several changes of formation before the publication of their first album in 1998. At this period, the formation centers around Freddy Lim with the song and the erhu, Zac Chang with the guitar, Xiao-Yu with the bass, Xiao-Wang on drums, and Ambrosia on keyboard and chorus. Chthonic is moderately popular on the Taiwanese metal scene. They play at the Taipei Vibe Club and in some festivals like Spring Scream. They publish their first single 深耕 in early 1998.

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