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Deathstars Deathstars is a Swedish industrial metal band from Strömstad, Stockholm. The group was formed in 2000 by Whiplasher Bernadotte and Nightmare Industries.

Their influences are industrial, EBM and Gothic metal. They are inspired by bands such as Kiss, Marilyn Manson, Rammstein or The Kovenant. Since the group's inception, they have tried several looks, first latex and vinyl for the first album, Synthetic Generation. They then wear Gothic and military outfits for the second, Termination Bliss, composed entirely by Emil Nödtveidt aka Nightmare Industries in honor of his late brother Jon Nödtveidt, and then black and gothic outfits displaying their nicknames on their jackets for their third album , Night Electric Night.

Deathstars was formed in January 2000 by the merger of Swordmaster (Andreas Bergh aka Whiplasher Bernadotte on vocals, Emil Nödtveidt aka Nightmare Industries on guitar and keyboard (he is the brother of the late leader of the band Dissection), and Eric Bäckman aka Cat Casino on the guitar) with Ophthalamia (Ole Öhman aka Bone W Machine on drums). According to Nightmare Industries, the name Deathstars is not a reference to the Death Star in Star Wars, but rather an amalgamation of the words "Death metal" and the English word Stars .

Their first album, Synthetic Generation , was originally released in Sweden in March 2002 at the LED Recordings label, and the following year in Europe by the label Nuclear Blast. Bassist Jonas Kangur, originally recruited as a live member, will become a permanent member of the group on October 1, 2003. Before the release of Synthetic Generation, the band recorded several demos, two of which are available on the Internet. free download; Razor End and Black Medicine. A second album began recording in June 2004, but its release was postponed because the group, after having participated in the Wave Gotik Treffen festival in Leipzig, Germany, was robbed for $ 15,000 of material on their bus. tour>. The group then plays with Dissection at their Stockholm Lilla Arenan concert in late October the same year. Deathstars takes the recordings of his second album in early 2005 at the Black Syndicate Studios. The band splits after guitarist Erik Halvorsen in August, because of a "lack of enthusiasm" . Termination Bliss is published in January 2006. A limited version of the album includes a different remix, Driven On , Mortiis's Blitzkrieg song. The group plays in support of Cradle of Filth in Europe.

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