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Disavowed is a brutal Dutch death metal band from Amsterdam.

The group is inspired by, among others, Suffocation and Vader. Disavowed is an English term that can be translated into French as "disavowed" (see in the disavowed wiktionary).

The group is initially formed in 1994 under the name of Nocturnal Silence. After three demos - Into the Abscess (1995), ... and Create a Moonless Sky (1997), and Plateau (1997) -> the group is renamed Disavowed in 2000, then quickly released a first demo, entitled Point of Few , which is well received by the public and brings the group to a deal with the American label Unique Leader Records which includes among others Deeds of Flesh and Disgorge two other groups of brutal death. In 2001 released their first studio album, Perceptive Deception . This release follows the following year, in 2002, of a tour in the United States and Canada as well as in Europe.

Until 2005, the group will have problems of drummer (injuries) that make it has no choice but to change the drummer. The replacement is found in 2006 in the person of Romain Goulon (Imperial Sodomy, Arsebreed). October 10, 2007 released the album Stagnated Existence to the independent label Neurotic Records, considered more brutal than its predecessor. The band also appears in the Dutch metal magazine Aardschok. The group then announces its participation in Maryland Deathfest, which is canceled. In September, the group announces the departure of Romain Goulon. Six months later, the band announces the arrival of drummer Morten Løwe>, then goes on a Canadian tour with Beneath the Massacre. However, Løwe leaves the band shortly after his arrival in the summer of 2009. They recruit Kevin Foley, and participate in the festival Mountains of Death.

Foley leaves the group in 2015, and is replaced by Septimiu Hărşan>.

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