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Evergrey is a Swedish progressive metal and power metal band from Gothenburg. He was trained in 1993, and released his first studio album, The Dark Discovery , in 1998. After a short break, the band returned with his album , Hymns for the Broken, published September 2014>.

It all started in the late 1980s, when classic guitarists Tom S. Englund and Dan Bronell decided to play death metal. In 1993, they formed the Evergrey group. The formation expanded with the arrival of Daniel Noyd on bass, and Patrick Carlsson in 1995. In December, Evergrey's first demo was recorded at Los Angered Recordings with Andy LaRocque. In 1996, the training recorded a second demo.

At the end of 1996, the group made contact with labels, and began recording the first studio album, entitled The Dark Discovery . During the recording, the singer leaves Evergrey. Tom Englund, who until then was only a guitarist, will improvise singer on this record, with the help of his companion Carina Kjellberg. She gave him her first singing lessons over the recording and took part in some female choruses. She will eventually perform the female vocals on all Evergrey albums, being credited Carina Englund from the album The Inner Circle (2004), after his marriage to Tom S. Englund.

Evergrey signs with the Gothenburg label Noiseworks which publishes the album in 1998.

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