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Fiona apple

Fiona Apple , born Fiona Apple Maggart on September 13, 1977 in New York, is an American singer-songwriter and pianist.

Fiona Apple is the daughter of the singer Diane McAfee and the actor Brandon Maggart (en) . She has a delicate childhood: soon enough, she thinks she can detect antisocial tendencies. At the age of 12, she is raped. She will follow a psychotherapy accordingly.

She tries to enter high school in Los Angeles where she records a first demonstration of her talents. This tape arrives on a record company's desk through her babysitter, a family friend. In 1996, she recorded her first Tidal album which was a great success, both on the public side and critics, especially with its flagship title: Criminal. The record is today triple platinum disc (more than 4 million copies sold).

She is also a vegetarian and encourages the actions of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). In 1997, she recorded a message for this association, expressing her fear about the fate of Thanksgiving turkeys. In reference to a telephone line dedicated to the advice for the cooking of this animal, she says: "There is no good way to kill and cook these beautiful birds," then "millions of people learn that vegetarianism is the better choice for their health, the Earth and the animals ".

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