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Futurama is an American animated television series spread over 7 seasons totaling 140 22-minute episodes and 4 88-minute movies, created by Matt Groening and developed by David X. Cohen, broadcast March 28, 1999 August 10, 2003 on the network FOX , then the rights were bought by the chain Comedy Central , which aired it from June 24, 2010 to September 4, 2013>.

In France, the series has been broadcast since March 11, 2000 on Canal +, from September 3, 2003 on TPS Cinéfamily and since September 1, 2007 on NRJ 12, in Quebec on Télétoon then from December 7, 2009 on V and in Belgium, on La Deux then from May 30, 2010 on Club RTL.

Philip J. Fry, known as Fry, a young unlucky pizza delivery man in New York, accidentally cryogenized on January 1, 2000 just after midnight. He wakes up a thousand years later, on December 31, 2999. New York has become New New York and many things have changed. At the cryogenics center, Turanga Leela, a Cyclops "extraterrestrial", attributes to him the job of deliveryman. But when she wants to ask the implant corresponding to this job that he does not want to do again, Fry fled. He meets Bender Tordeur Rodríguez, a twister machine, in a suicide booth (which Fry confused with a telephone booth). After some twists and turns, Professor Hubert Farnsworth (who is actually Fry's great-great-great-great-grand-nephew) hires Leela, Bender and Fry to fly his company's interstellar delivery ship. Planet Express . They then meet their new colleagues: the bureaucrat Hermes Conrad (Jamaican, ex-Olympic champion of limbo), the beautiful trainee Amy Wong and the incompetent doctor John A. Zoidberg (self-proclaimed doctor specialist of the human).

Fox wanted to let Matt Groening create a new series in the mid-1990s. The latter then conceived Futurama during the same period. In 1996, he hired David X. Cohen, then scriptwriter and producer for The Simpsons, to assist in the development of the series. These two artists then seek inspiration in science fiction books, movies and television series. When they released this series to the Fox in April 1998, Groening and Cohen had already created the characters and the screenplay. During this first interview, Fox asks for thirteen episodes. However, the Fox feared that the theme would not agree with those of the chain; also Groening and the executive producers of Fox convinced the channel that the show would look into creative innovation>. The concept of suicide booths, the character of Dr. Zoidberg and the antisocial behavior characterized by Bender particularly disturbed the Fox. Groening explains that "when notes about Futurama were given to me, I just said no, we'll do as we did for the Simpsons>" .

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