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G // Z / R is a British heavy metal band from Birmingham, England. He was trained in 1995 by Black Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler. On the debut album Plastic Planet, the singer is Burton C Bell (Fear Factory), the drummer is Deen Castronovo (ex drummer of Ozzy Osbourne) and the guitarist is Pedro Howse.

Note that, if for the first album, the group was called G // Z / R, it is from 1997 simply renamed Geezer, and finally, GZR from 2005. Most fans refer to the group as a Geezer, although the bassist refers to it, by the three letters GZR. The next two albums are recorded with singer Clark Brown. Deen Castronovo is replaced by former drummer Anacrusis Chad Smith for the album Ohmwork.

Geezer Butler, a bass player with Black Sabbath, wanted to embark on a solo career in the 1980s, but this possibility does not come into play until 1995, when he released his first solo album, Plastic Planet, to the TVT label. Records under the name of GZR>. On Plastic Planet, Butler is joined by Burton C. Bell (Fear Factory) on vocals, Pedro Howse on guitar, and Deen Castronovo on drums.

GZR, which is not a stage band, plays a few dates in 1997 with Fear Factory. That same year, the band released its second studio album, Black Science, this time under the simple name of Geezer>. It involves unknown singer Clark Brown, Howse and Castronovo. After eight years of inactivity, the group returns with a third album, entitled Ohmwork> under the name of G // Z / R, on May 9, 2005.

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