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Ill nino Ill Niño is an American nude metal band from New Jersey. The group members are from Latin American countries including Peru, Guatemala, Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic. The name of the group comes from the words Ill, for "ill" in English, and Niño for "child" in Spanish. El Niño is also the name of a seasonal climate phenomenon off Peru and Ecuador.

Ill Niño took shape when drummer Dave Chavarri toured Soulfly in 2000. He was seduced by this experience and at the end of the tour, he contacted Marc and Jardel to offer them a melodic heavy metal band. . These last two agree. After some research, they chose a native Brazilian, Machado, as a frontman. They complete the group with the arrival of bassist Lazaro Pina and percussionist Roger Vasquez. On the first EP, the band was called El Niño, before changing, because of a band that already had that name. Ill is a word for "ill" in English, and Niño for "child" in Spanish.

Machado participates in the song One included in Soulfly's album of the same name published in 2002>. They also took part in the Ozzfest in 2002, and a nco-headlining tour with Raging Speedhorn and Pitchshifter in October 2002>. The group then runs massively, especially in the company of Kittie, Snapcase or Soulfly. He then signs a contract with a publishing house, and the no less well-known Roadrunner Records label. In July 2001, Ill Nino released his first album, Revolution Revolución. Ill Niño knows how to make an album as unexpected and catchy as devastating, according to the specialized press.

In 2003, they released their second album, Confession. This last opus of the group is however much smoother, more melodic and less percussive. The English-Spanish passages are more rare. An album aimed at a wider audience, and which is confirmed in its success by the presence of the single How Can I Live on the soundtrack of the movie Freddy Vs. Jason>.

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