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In This Moment is an American heavy metal band from Los Angeles, California. The group, formed in 2005, initially consists of singer Maria Brink and guitarist Chris Howorth. Drummer Jeff Fabb then joins the group, the latter being named Dying Star. Unhappy with their musical direction, they change the name of the group in In This Moment and engage two new members, guitarist Blake Bunzel and bassist Josh Newell. At the end of 2005, bassist Newell left the group and was replaced by Pascual Romero, who in turn was replaced by Jesse Landry. Landry is replaced by Kyle Konkiel in 2009, and the latter by Travis Johnson in 2010. Jeff Fabb and Blake Bunzel leave the group in 2011, and are replaced by Tom Hane and Randy Weitzel, respectively.

Their first album, Beautiful Tragedy , was released in 2007. Their second album, entitled The Dream is marketed the following year, starting at 73> place of the Billboard 200 musical classification. The third album of the band, A Star- Crossed Wasteland is released in 2007, and the fourth album Blood is released in 2012, starting in the 15> place in the rankings . The band has performed in numerous tours and festivals including Ozzfest in 2007 and 2008, Warped Tour in 2009, Download Festival in 2009, Mayhem Festival in 2010, Music as a Weapon V in 2011, and the Uproar Festival (in) in 2012. They also played at Download Festival in 2013.

In August 2005, singer Maria Brink and guitarist Chris Howorth meet with friends. Both seeing that they shared a common interest in music, started together in songwriting. Later, they hire the help of drummer from Los Angeles, Jeff Fabb, and form the band under the original name of Dying Star . Unhappy to see in which musical direction the group is heading, they decide to move towards a different style. Mid-2005, the line-up consisted of Brink, Howorth, Fabb, guitarist Blake Bunzel, and bassist Josh Newell. The group records some demos and posts them on its official MySpace page. In winter 2005, Newell leaves the group to focus on his new project, Ketaset (en) , and on the profession of sound engineer. The producer Pascual Romero becomes the bass player for a short time before Jesse Landry takes his place. Rob "Blasko" Nicholson, Ozzy Osbourne's bassist, becomes the group's manager after discovering it via MySpace>.

At the end of 2005, In This Moment is popularized via internet marketing and some independent tours. Century Media Records is interested in the group; the latter will sign for a contract of international scope. The band releases its first ever album Beautiful Tragedy on March 20, 2007, preceding the singles Prayers and the title track Beautiful Tragedy . The album is produced by Eric Rachel, mixing metalcore and hard rock sounds with lyrics characterizing the bad personal experiences experienced by Brink. Brink's voice alternates between singing and screaming. The band then plays in many tours including The Hottest Chicks in Metal Tour 2007 alongside Lacuna Coil, Ozzfest during summers 2007 and 2008, Megadeth, and during the tour Rob Zombie and Ozzy Osbourne. They also record a cover of Lacuna Coil's Heaven's a Lie , alongside the Manntis group (en) , for the album Covering 20 Years of Extreme to the Century Media Records label.

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