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Insomnium is a Finnish melodic death metal band from Joensuu. The band has, to its credit, eight studio albums, the last being Heart Like a Grave , published in 2019.

Insomnium was formed in 1997 in Joensuu by musicians Niilo Sevänen, Friman Town, Markus Hirvonen and Tapani Pesonen. But this formation does not remain stable since in 1998, Timo Partanen replaces Tapani Pesonen as second guitarist. He himself will be replaced later by Ville Vänni. Once the training stabilized durably, Insomnium goes into the studio to compose his first pieces that will demo Demo '99 , which receives generally positive reviews.

In 2001, the band signed a contract with the label Candlelight Records under which, in 2002, another demo was released. It is entitled Underneath the Moonlit Waves . A few months after the release of this demo, Insomnium publishes its first real studio album, In the Halls of Awaiting . This release is followed by their opus Since the Day it All Came Down two years later, then in 2006 from the album Above the Weeping World . In 2009, the band's fourth album, Across the Dark , is released. This will be the last product by the Candlelight Records label; in August 2010, Insomnium announces its signature with the Century Media label. The band members say they made this choice so that their music could be exported out of Europe and that they could go on tour outside Europe more often. In September and October of that same year, Insomnium goes on tour with the group Dark Tranquility during the Where-Death-is-Most-Alive Tour .

During the month of October 2011, Insomnium publishes One for Sorrow , his fifth album. On the 31st of the same month, guitarist Ville Vänni announces his departure from the group. He will be replaced by Markus Vanhala, who is still a guitarist in the band. On September 9, 2011, Insomnium released the clip for the song Through the Shadows from the album>. In November 2011, Insomnium embarked on its first European tour with Before the Dawn and MyGRAIN>. In 2013, they released the single Ephemeral , from their upcoming album in 2014>. In late April 2014, the band released their sixth album, "Shadows of the Dying Sun ".

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