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Iron Fire is a Danish power and speed metal band from Copenhagen. Formed in 1995 under the name of Misery, it is renamed Decades of Darkness, before finally taking the name of Iron Fire.

After recording a demo in the late 1990s, Iron Fire is becoming more popular with the release of its first album in 2000, Thunderstorm at Noise Records. At that time, true metal, or power metal, was in vogue in Europe with the arrival of bands like Hammerfall, Freedom Call, Nocturnal Rites, and Sonata Arctica. Thunderstorm is produced by Danish producer Tommy Hansen, best known for his albums Keeper of the 7 Keys pt. I and II for Helloween.

After the release of Thunderstorm , the group made some changes of formation with the departure of the drummer Gunnar Olsen who is replaced by Morten Plenge, and that of the guitarist Kristian Iversen, who is replaced by Martin Slott. They are signing a second album, On the Edge , which is less successful than its predecessor. The band, led by Steene, is experimenting with a more progressive sound. As the group leaves more or less ragged, Steene must redesign a new formation. This event leads to less activity and looking for a new label. During this period, the band produced two demos, while Steene teamed up with the Force of Evil group formed by the two guitarists Mercyful Fate, Michael Denner and Hank Shermann.

In March 2006, Iron Fire returns with the album Revenge , published on the label Napalm Records. Steene collaborates with Kirk Backarach on the guitar. Johan Jacob H. Olsen plays the second guitar, Jens Berglid the drums, and Martin Lund the bass. The group announces its entry into the studio in September 2006 by recording a new album>. Revenge is followed by another album called Blade of Triumph en 2007. Thereafter, drummer Jens Berglid leaves the group for family reasons. The group succeeded to replace Fritz Wagner before embarking on a Triumph tour in 2007 with U.D.O and Primal Fear. At this time, Martin Steene collaborates with his former colleagues Gunnar Olsen, Martin Slott, and Martin Lund on a gothic rock band called Nightlight. Their album, Funeral of Love , is published in winter 2009>. Steene and Lund are also working on Iron Fire's fifth album, "To The Grave" , released in winter 2009. With Johan Jacob H. Olsen out of group, Kirk Backarach puts himself on guitars alone on the album.

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