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Jag Panzer is an American power metal band from Colorado Springs, Colorado.

In 1981, Harry Conklin, Mark Briody, John Tetley and Rick Hilyard founded the Tyrant group in Colorado. As they look for labels, they learn about a Californian group of the same name. The group renames Jag Panzer after finding the term Jagdpanzer by seeking inspiration in a book dedicated to the armament used during the Second World War.

The band released in 1983 the single Death Row and an EP. The following year Jag Panzer hired Joey Tafolla as second guitarist with whom they recorded the album Ample Destruction, released in August of the same year by the independent label Azra Records. The album only has a distribution on the American market. After the release of this first album, the group moved to California. Singer Harry Conklin leaves the group to temporarily join Riot (under the pseudonym Michael Strike) and Satan's Host (under the name of Leviathan Thisiren) and devote himself to a new project titled Titan Force. Rick Hilyard also left the band in 1985, followed in 1986 by Tafolla. Mark Briody and John Tetley decide to continue the adventure and recruit new musicians with whom they enter the studio at the end of 1987. The band however puts an end to its activities the following year without having published this second album.

The group eventually reformed and released the Dissident Alliance in 1994 and signed a contract with Century Media. In 2002, the group opens for an American tour bringing together Iced Earth and In Flames>.

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