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McFly is a British pop rock band from London, England. He began his career on a number one, 5 Colors in Her Hair, at the beginning of 2004. They won a Brit Awards in 2005>. The group consists of Tom Fletcher (born July 17, 1985), Danny Jones (born March 12, 1986), Dougie Poynter (born November 30, 1987) and Harry Judd (born December 23, 1985). They leave Universal and start their own label in 2008, Super Records, and produce their own records from>.

In May 2009, Mcfly has had many successes. Indeed, fifteen of their singles reached the Top 10 of English rankings (16 in the top 20), and seven reached the number one UK Singles Chart. In addition, two of their albums ranked number one: their first, Room on the 3rd Floor, and their second, Wonderland. Their third album, Motion in the Ocean, released on November 6, 2006, reached sixth place in the sales rankings. Their compilation All the Greatest Hits , released on November 5, 2007, reached the third position. The next album Radio: ACTIVE reached eighth place in the English rankings (although it was distributed a few months earlier for free). The latest album Above the Noise, released in late 2010, ranks 7> in downloads and number 20 in rankings. They also publish four live DVDs, three of which ranked number 1 (note that the DVD "All the Greatest Hits" was also number 1 in Brazil without any promotion). Their albums, DVDs and singles have sold nearly eight million copies worldwide.

In November 2013, McFly is announced to form the McBusted Supergroup. They perform 34 dates playing Busted and McFly songs. The only original member not to participate is Charlie Simpson. After Simpson's return in November 2015, McFly toured anthology in September 2016.

The group's story begins with Tom Fletcher. The latter auditioned in 2001, for a group named Busted>, following an announcement in the newspaper New Musical Express. It is initially accepted, but the producers finally decide that the group should be composed of only three people. Tom will have been part of Busted only twenty-four hours. He keeps in touch with the group, especially with James Bourne. The two young men write a few songs together, then Tom goes looking for another guitarist / singer. Danny Jones makes his entrance. Tom and Danny sing in acoustic version the few songs written by Tom and James in front of managers. Later, Harry and Dougie joined the group, following numerous auditions. The band's name, McFly, comes from Robert Zemeckis' Back to the Future movie, which Danny and Tom love so much. The main character is Martin "Marty" McFly, so they were inspired by that.

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