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Mudvayne is an American neo metal band from Bloomington, Illinois. Their musical style, very particular, is structured and thoughtful. They describe their music as "math-metal". This name is however questionable, and we can consider Mudvayne as playing nu metal. We can notice that the members of the group are always (often) in the same order in the photos:

Greg bTribbett, Chad Gray, Ryan Martinie and Matt McDonough. Their discography currently has four studio albums.

After a demo Kill I oughta, they released in 2000 a first studio album L.D. 50 in which they pose the marks of their concept>. The following year, their second album is in the same line, although a little more musical and a little less raw: The end of all things is to come makes them known to the general public, with songs with commercial potential a little more broad, like World so cold, or Not falling, which is part of the soundtrack of the movie The Ship of Anguish (original title: Ghost Ship). Their third album Lost And Found definitely marks the band's musical shift. The song Forget to Remember, which is part of the soundtrack of the movie Saw II and being the credits of the film, was the beginning of their rebirth. The song Determined appears in the video game Need For Speed ​​Underground 2. Two more albums have been released since. Mudvayne is on hiatus, due to a tour by singer Chad Gray in his band Hellyeah.

Mudvayne, formed in 1996 in Bloomington, Illinois, originally included bassist Shawn Barclay, guitarist Greg Tribbett and drummer Matthew McDonough >>>. The formation of the group is completed with the arrival of Chad Gray, who earned $ 40000 a year in a factory, who will leave his job to become their singer. In 1997, Mudvayne self-financed his first EP, Kill, I Oughtta >>>. At the recording of the EP, Barclay is replaced by Ryan Martinie, former bassist of the progressive rock band Broken Altar. Having self-distributed Kill, I Oughtta >>>, Mudvayne adopts nicknames and corpse paint >>>>>.

In April 1998, local promoter Steve Soderstrom introduced Mudvayne to his artistic agent, Chuck Toler, who helped them get a deal with Epic Records, and recorded their first album LD 50 >>>. For the album, Mudvayne experiences a raw and dissonant sound >>>. L.D. 50 is produced by Garth Richardson>, and the executive production is done by Shawn Crahan, a member of the Slipknot group >>>.

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