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Mushroomhead is an American industrial metal band from Cleveland, Ohio. Their musical influences are extremely varied and their genre evolves between alternative metal, industrial metal, gothic metal and nu metal. During the group's existence, the formation often evolves, because of the structure of Mushroomhead, to lead to a formation comprising five musicians early 2018>.

Mushroomhead was formed in 1993 by several musicians from Cleveland, Ohio. Each member already playing in different local groups, they decide to wear costumes, masks and use pseudonyms. Mushroomhead played his first concert in 1993. A few days later, the band was on stage in the first part of a Gwar concert. "We played our first concert on a Saturday" Skinny, the band's drummer, recalls in an article for Mushroomhead's official website. "Three days later, we received a call to play with Gwar in Cleveland, in front of 2,000 people. It was our second concert!> »

In 1995, Mushroomhead released his first self-produced album, Mushroomhead , on his own independent label Filthy Hands Co. (formerly known as Shroomco Records ). For group members, Mushroomhead becomes a priority and everyone decides to leave their old group. Although the formation of the group undergoes many changes over time, the group remains active and gaining notoriety. In 1996, the band released Superbuick his second self-produced album>. In 1999, will be released M3 , the third and last album self-produced by the band.

In 2001, Mushroomhead released a compilation entitled XX on the independent label Eclipse Records. Later in the year, after selling nearly 40,000 albums very quickly in just 2 or 3 months, the band signs with the Universal Records label, then the compilation is remastered and reissued internationally. The release of the album led Mushroomhead on major national and international tours, including the 2002 Ozzfest, as well as the broadcast of their first music video "Solitaire / Unraveling" < / span>. Also in 2001, the guitarist J.J. Righteous is replaced by one of the group's stage dancers, Marko "Bronson" Vukcevich. 2003 attends the release of XIII , their first album with Universal Records. The album includes the single Sun Does not Rise , whose clip is broadcast in MTV Headbangers Ball , and made an appearance in the movie Freddy vs. Jason. XIII also includes a hidden song, Crazy , which is the origin sung by Seal. The album debuted at the top of the list, and is sold 400,000 copies worldwide.

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