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Nargaroth is a group ( one man band ) of German black metal, originally from Saxony, in East Germany . The only member of the group is Rene Wagner rather known by his pseudonyms Ash or Kanwulf. However, musicians such as Akhenaten from Moonblood's black metal band Judas Iscariot Occulta Mors, Seeds of Hate's Winter (or Winterblut) and solo band Nachtfalke have already participated in some of Kanwulf's projects.

The musical style of the group is inspired by that of Burzum, solo band of Norwegian black metal. Contrary to popular belief, Nargaroth is in no way linked to the NSBM movement, and has even refused to play with groups close to this milieu. >

Nargaroth is formed in 1996 from the ashes of a group called Exhuminenz, in the state of Saxony. According to some sources, the project seems to be initiated in 1989 by the only member, Kanwulf>. However, it was not until 1991 that the group's first instrumental demo, Orke >>>, appeared. In this demo, Kanwulf plays guitar and percussion for the first time. Kanwulf claims to have initiated his project under the name of Naragaroth, and would have changed the name of his project in Nargaroth in 1993 to his release from prison for murder. Kanwulf's acquaintances have been calling him simply Ash for a few years, a nickname he got in the early 1990s from his friends and family, due to his interest in Evil Dead-type movies (1981, 1987, 1993) . Kanwulf is largely responsible for music and lyrics, but was also supported by session musicians. Among them we can mention Charoon, whom he met in 1992 and who played for the live performances of Nargaroth from 1998 to 2008 and also contributed as a rhythm guitar on the album Herbstleyd as well as on the album Rasluka ; Akhenaten by Judas Iscariot, Occulta Mors by Moonblood and Winterblut Winter.

In 1998 released the group's first studio album, Herbstleyd. In 2001, he was followed by a second album, Black Metal Krieg ist - A Dedication Monument, which includes the covers of Root's songs Pisen Pro Satana, The Gates of Eternity by Moonblood, Far Beyond the Stars by Azhubam Haani, and I Lord Foul's Burn for You. He also pays tribute to Grim drummer Immortal and Borknager, with the song May You Rape the Angels. The label No Colors Records publishes the third album of the group, Geliebte Des Regens in 2003>. In 2004 released the mini album Rasluka Part II in vinyl format 10 ">>>.

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