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New Order [ n j U ɔ ː d ə ] > is a British rock band from Manchester, England. Formed in 1980, in full wave new wave, it is composed initially of the remaining members of the group Joy Division whose singer Ian Curtis has just committed suicide. As a result of this drama, they opt for a name change and adopt New Order (name that was previously used by former members of Iggy Pop's band, The Stooges) at the suggestion of their manager, Rob Gretton. This name, like that of Joy Division>, was the subject of controversy because it could refer to Nazism >>>.

The band includes Bernard Sumner (aka Barney or Joy Division, Bernard Albrecht or Bernard Dicken) on vocals, guitar and keyboards, Peter Hook (aka Hooky) on bass and Stephen Morris on drums. Gillian Gilbert, the companion of Stephen Morris, joined the three elders of Joy Division in the early 1980s, keyboards. She has been replaced since 2001 by Phil Cunningham (former Marion guitarist, another Manchester band).

Their debut album Movement keeps an identity very close to Joy Division in terms of sound and the style of singing of Bernard Sumner reminiscent of Curtis. Then, the group explores other ways, more electronic and dancing. Innovative in its mix of genres (post-punk and house), New Order is considered one of the most acclaimed and influential Western music groups of the 1980s.

From 1977 to 1980, Ian Curtis, Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook and Stephen Morris formed the post-punk band Joy Division, after initially being called Warsaw, in tribute to David Bowie's song Warszawa on the album Low>. After the death of Ian Curtis in May 1980, the group decided to train again, finally choosing Bernard Sumner, guitarist, as singer. During the month of October, Stephen Morris's girlfriend, Gillian Gilbert, joins him. The first songs are in line with Joy Division: dark and melodic>.

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