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Pink Cream 69 is a German hard rock and heavy metal band from Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg. Formed in 1987 by Andi Deris, Kosta Zafiriou and Alfred Koffler, the group signs its first contract thanks to the magazine Metal Hammer .

Pink Cream 69 was formed in Karlsruhe in 1987 by Andi Deris, Kosta Zafiriou and Alfred Koffler. They are joined soon after by the American bassist Dennis Ward. Only one year after the group's creation, he won the best hope contest of the German rock magazine "Metal Hammer" which allowed him to sign a contract with a major label, Sony Music>. Soon the group recorded their first album soberly called Pink Cream 69 which is quite successful. It is followed by One Size Fits All in 1991, and Games People Play < / span> in 1993. In the meantime, the group is building a solid fan base by touring with bands such as White Lion where Europe>.

Andi Deris will leave the group in 1994 for musical and personal differences and will join Helloween. After the audition of several singers, the choice of the group will focus on the English David Readman. For the recording of their new album, Change , the group will go to work with Shay Baby in Los Angeles. the album will offer more current sounds and stand out from the hard rock debut. In 1997, after changing the label from Sony Music to the German label SPV, the band recorded Food for Thought their fifth studio album which will be followed by an album in public # Live # . After the release of the album Electrified , which marks the return to pure hard rock, in 1998 the band goes on tour with Bruce Dickinson.

After the release of two new albums in 2000 and 2001, the guitarist Alfred Koffler reveals that he suffered from a dystonia of the left hand, which strongly handicapped him to play his instrument. The band decided to recruit an extra guitarist, Uwe Reitenauer, for his stage performances. In 2004 released the album Thunderdome , considered by many fans as the best album of the band>.

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