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Protest the Hero is a Canadian progressive metal band from Whitby, Ontario>. Originally formed under Happy Go Lucky>, the band changed its name to that of Protest the Hero, a quintet whose discography consists, as of today, of five studio albums including Kezia , Fortress , " Pacific Myth ", Scurrilous and Volition , from a live album and of four EPs.

The band's style evolves from post-hardcore to progressive metal, always keeping metalcore and mathcore touches. The stylistic differences between the first EP, Search for the Truth and the latest album, Pacific Myth (2016) are very strong.

The group formed in 2001 under the name Happy Go Lucky, while members are only 14 years old. In 2001, they record their first demo, which has three songs: lang = "en"> I Detest , The 5th Commandment and Just Defy (but Luke Hoskin says on his Formspring page> that I Detest is not a song of the band and has always been wrongly assigned). In 2002, the group took the name Protest the Hero, and released the EP Search for the Truth , a vinyl on which Is Anybody There and Silent Genocide . This opus is the first work produced by the independent Underground Operations label.

Almost immediately after their final exams, the five high school classmates participate in the Rock the Vote tour, during which they spend three weeks trying to publicize while calling for a vote for the impending Canadian election. In 2003, the band released a new EP, A Calculated Use of Sound which contains seven songs. Among them are These Colors Do not Run who will benefit from a video clip. The latter shows the band playing the song in the streets of Toronto, with the studio version in the background. In these early years, the style of the group is closer to punk, especially post-hardcore>.

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