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Radwimps ( > , Raddo'uinpusu > ) , stylized < b> RADWIMPS , is a Japanese rock band from Kanagawa Prefecture. Their name comes from the English rad and wimp, which group members translate as "super-wuss" >>>. Their musical style includes many influences, including rap and ska.

Radwimps was initially trained in 2001 in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, during their first year of high school >>>. The five members are friends since high school>. The singer Yōjirō Noda is interested in music after listening to Oasis and trying to imitate them on the guitar. He will be asked to become a member of a group, which he will associate with basketball.

The group's activities begin in Yokohama> during their first concert at Kannai's BB Street on February 5, 2002>. At this point, the guitarist Akira Kuwahara stops his studies to devote himself to the group. In September and August 2002, the group participated in the Yokohama High School Music Festival, and finally won the first prize in the competition with the piece Moshi mo. Moshi mo becomes the first single of the group, released in May 2003, with 10,000 copies pressed, sold for 100 yen. After this single, the band tour in the region of Yokohama, playing in particular at Club 24West>. The band releases its first album, Radwimps, in July to the independent label Newtraxx. In August, after the Yokohama High School Music Festival, the group breaks for Noda and the other members to devote themselves to their exams.

Radwimps returns from his break in March 2004, but Kei Asō, Yūsuke Saiki and Akio Shibafumi decide not to continue. Auditions are organized then, and the band sets its sights for the drummer Satoshi Yamaguchi and the bassist Yusuke Takeda, who are recruited without having played in front of them >>>. Takeda met the members in August 2003 when he was in different bands playing at the Yokohama High School Music Festival. The band records more songs and publishes its second single, Kiseki, in July and then performs a three-month Japanese tour >>>. Immediately after the end of the tour, the band begins recording their second album, Radwimps 2: Hatten Tojō, which is finalized at the end of the year, and released in March the following year. Directly after this release, the band starts a five-month tour, Radwimps Haruna Tour は る な っ TOUR > ) , and plays at well-known festivals like Setstock, Rock in Japan and Summer Sonic >>>. At this time, they released a third single, Hexun / Kanashi, which is their first to hit the charts.

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