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Rie Fu ( lang = "ja"> リ エ フ ゥ , Fu Rie > ) , Rie Funakoshi ( De 越 里 恵) of his real name, born on January 11, 1985 in Tokyo is a singer-songwriter. Rie Fu graduated from St Martin's College, one of England's most renowned art and design schools on July 18, 2007. She regularly travels between the United Kingdom and Japan for registration and promotion. of his records.

From 1992 to 1995, Rie Fu lived in Maryland with her family. It was during this period that she began to play the piano and discovered her main musical inspirations. She is particularly influenced by Sheryl Crow, Michelle Branch and pop music of the 1970s including The Carpenters.

After returning to Japan from 1995 to 2003, Rie completed primary and secondary education in Tokyo. In 2002 she learned the guitar and almost immediately began recording her songs with a small tape recorder. She sent her demos to a record company (Sony) who signed with her. In March 2004 released his first single. Later in the year, his song Life is like a boat is chosen to be Bleach's ending, which allowed him to gain public recognition and increase his demand. In 2005, a year after its debut, another song, I Wanna Go To A Place ... is used as the third ending for the hit anime Gundam Seed Destiny and in 2006, his song Until I Say becomes the theme for the Japanese release in 2005 of the English film Heidi. In 2007, she also did the Tsukiakari ending of the anime Darker than Black.

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