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Saltatio mortis

Saltatio Mortis is a group of medieval rock and German folk rock. He is trained in 2000. The motto of the group is "Who dances, do not die! ".

Saltatio Mortis (which means "Dance of Death" in Latin) is formed in 2000. After several acoustic concerts in medieval markets, the band begins to experiment with instruments of the rock music and soon created a fusion between acoustic and traditional songs and their own modern songs. The group settled in German medieval rock around In Extremo, Subway to Sally or Schandmaul and Ignis Fatuu.

At first, the group also experiment with influences of electronic music as do the German groups such as Tanzwut or Adversus. During the first five years, the band has changed albums from modern albums to traditional albums, but since 2005, the band has abandoned most of the acoustic interpretations, only playing on special occasions, and focused on modern medieval rock. This change resulted in the exchange of three musicians in October 2006.

In 2009, the group shrank once again to six members. Each new album of the group meets more success than the previous albums, the last album Wer wind saet thus reaching the tenth place in the Media Control Charts.

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