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Samael is a Swiss black metal band from Sion. Their name comes from a Talmud figure, Samael.

The group was formed in April 1987 in the style of black metal, and then gradually changes the musical style to electronic / industrial>. On July 14, 1988 the two brothers Vorphalack (vocals and guitar), Xytraguptor (drums and keyboard) make their first rehearsal in a bunker and give life to SAMAE L. In autumn of the same year they record their self-produced EP Medieval Prophecy . They will then play some concerts in Germany, Switzerland, France and Poland. Two years later, they recorded their first album Worship Him . Masmiseîm (bass) joins the band after the recording and the band becomes a trio. Worship Him comes out a year later (1991). It is the very first release of the French label Osmose Productions.

In 1992, Samael released his second album Blood Ritual produced by Waldemar Sorychta on the German label Century Media>. The group then begins their first European tour, it is also there that he plays for the first time at the festival Wacken Open Air. January 1994 attends the release of the third opus, Ceremony of Opposites . All the pieces are composed by Xy and given the almost permanent presence of keyboards the band becomes a quartet with the recruitment of Rodolph H. to keyboards. Samael gives nearly one hundred concerts this year including their first American tour in support of Cannibal Copse. The following year the band released a mini-album Rebellion including, besides the title track, two new tracks, two re-recordings and a cover of the song I Love the Dead by Alice Cooper>. One of the new titles, Static Journey , and a piece of programming that will become the norm from the next album.

Passage comes out in the summer of 1996>. Meanwhile, the band undergoes some changes of line up: Rodolph H. goes away, Xy puts himself at the keyboard and programs his drum parts on a drum machine and Kaos joins Samael as second guitarist. Samael spends three weeks in the studio recording seventeen tracks, eleven are on the album and six more on the MCD Exodus . The group is filming their first video clip for the song Jupiterian Vibe which will be widely broadcast on Viva TV in Germany and on the show Headbangers Ball on MTV. In 1999, the group released fifth album Eternal recorded in Montreux at Mountain Studio this is the first time that Samael does not use the services of Waldemar since their second album. The recording and the mix are done by David Richards (Queen) the mastering is left to the care of Toni Cousin (Peter Gabriel, Genesis). Samael returns to Europe and the United States before Kaos leaves the band. There followed a period of transition and inactivity until 2002, when Makro (guitar) completed the final line-up, and the group embarked on a world tour still supporting Eternal .

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