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Skillet is an American heavy metal band from Memphis, Tennessee. For the last twelve years, Skillet has been expanding his style to different genres of rock and metal including Christian, alternative, hard rock, nu metal and symphonic metal. Skillet integrates the sound of violins in his tracks, as in Comatose , "lang =" en "> Awake and Alive or Rebirthing . Skillet has made a variety of changes to his training over the years, with founder John Cooper being the oldest member of the group.

Skillet was formed in 1996 by John Cooper, former singer of the rock band Seraph, and Ken Steorts, former guitarist of the band Urgent Cry. The two groups meet during a tour, but separate soon after so that John and Ken can form their own group. They decide to name their group Skillet, and are joined by Trey McClurkin, who assumes the role of temporary drummer. The same year, they publish an eponymous first album, which is relatively well received by the specialized press.

A topic that often comes up among the fans and the band itself, is the name of Skillet. John Cooper, the singer, explains that it was initially a joke. Each member was in a different group, and all will decide to start a side project. Each of these groups has a different musical style, this parallel project aims to mix them in a large stove ( lang = "en"> skillet ), hence the name of the Skillet group. The band's name is still considered a joke among the members, especially Cooper.

Skillet records throughout 1997 his second album, "Hey You, I Love Your Soul", published in April 1998. Their second album is a change of musical style, compared to their first album. Skillet abandons their post-grunge approach for lighter alternative rock. John's wife, Korey Cooper, was recruited shortly thereafter as a keyboard player.

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