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Summoning is an Austrian black metal band from Vienna. The band is known to take its inspiration from the world of J. R. R. Tolkien.

The group is formed in 1993 by the two members, Silenius and Protector. After some demos of black metal, they sign a contract at Napalm Records where they publish their first album, Lugburz, in 1995. The particularity of this album is to borrow from the world of Middle-earth titles, illustrations, and lyrics of JRR Tolkien's lyrics >>>.

The band broke up with his drummer, explaining that it was a "asshole thinking" commercial "" (sic)>, and started working with keyboards and medieval sounds. The very special result ( Epic, Ambiant Black Metal sometimes read) can be heard on their second album, Minas Morgul; later, it will evolve with each album, but it is this first CD that will make their style (and their success). In 1996, it's their album Dol Guldur that will make their fame (biggest sale of the band in 2000), then released Nightshade Forests , a mini -CD with tracks that could not get into Dol Guldur. In 1999, .

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