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The Von bondies

The Von Bondies is an American punk-garage band from Detroit, Michigan. Formed in 2000, the band has three studio albums before its separation in 2011.

The group was formed in 2000 by two former high school classmates, Jason Stollsteimer and Marcie Bolen, who was then working in a shoe store. It was while attending a concert by the Japanese rock 'n' roll band Guitar Wolf that the two friends decided to set up their own band. They recruit bassist Lauren Wilcox and Detroit veteran Don Blum on drums, while Jason Stollsteimer performs vocals and guitar and Marcie Bolen plays rhythm guitar. The group is first named The Babykillers, but the name is quickly changed to The Von Bondies, the first denomination being considered "too aggressive">. In 2001 Lauren Wilcox was replaced by Carrie Smith.

After giving a handful of concerts in the Detroit area, the band recorded two singles: It Came from Japan, a tribute to the band Guitar Wolf, and Nite Train. Jack White (from The White Stripes) and Jim Diamond (from The Dirtbombs) produced the Von Bondies first album, Lack of Communication>. Lauren Wilcox, the first bassist, is replaced by Carrie Smith just three months before the recording of this album.

The album is a hit in the underground and the indie rock scene. Also at the end of 2001, the group began a tour in Europe with The White Stripes, which became known worldwide at the time. This tour greatly benefits the Von Bondies in terms of popularity. It is also during this first trip to Europe that Marcie Bolen and Jack White have an affair, which will have a direct impact on the lives of the two groups, and more particularly on the Von Bondies>.

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