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Tsunami bomb

Tsunami Bomb is an American punk rock band from Petaluma, California. It was formed in 1998 by Dominic Davi, who will leave the group in 2003, and active until October 2005. He has a total of two albums and four EPs. The band's last group featured Emily Whitehurst, Jay Northington, Matt Mckenzie, and Gabriel Lindeman. After their separation, Emily Whitehurst and Matt McKenzie will form The Action Design group, while Jay Northington and Gabriel Lindeman formed Nothington.

They meet for a performance in Petaluma, January 17, 2009. They then meet officially in 2015 for the release of a compilation called Trust No One Kung Fu Records label. The training will include bassist Dominic Davi, keyboardist and singer Oobliette Sparks, guitarist Brian Plink, and drummer Gabriel Lindeman.

The band starts when bassist Dominic Davi inscribes Kristin McRory as singer of Tsunami Bomb. Davi meets McRory at the end of 1997, when she joins the Headboard group. Davi and McRory leave Headboard in February 1998, and perform their first gig as Tsunami Bomb on June 26, 1998, at Fatty Mocha in Merced, California.

The group is originally composed of five members, including a pianist, Oobliette Sparks, who also contributed to the singing. She left Tsunami Bomb in 2001. Gabriel Lindeman played as a drummer for the first concerts, but he did not join the band definitively until 1999. Kristin McRory left Tsunami Bomb at the end of 1998, and Davi recruited Emily Whitehurst soon after (Emily's brother, Logan Whitehurst was Davi's roommate at the time). To add mysticism and give him an icon figure, Davi and Whitehurst created the nickname Agent Mr. Whitehurst is credited as Agent M almost until the breakup of the group.

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