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Wishbone Ash is a British rock band from Torquay, Devon, England. The originality of the group is the remarkable understanding of its two guitarists and their varied game. Through his technique of guitar duels, Wishbone Ash has influenced hard rock bands such as Thin Lizzy> or Iron Maiden.

In the spring of 1969, the group The Empty Vessels, composed of Martin Turner (bassist and singer), Steve Upton (drummer) and Glen Turner (guitarist), from Torquay, decided to go looking for fortune in London. They meet Miles Copeland who becomes their manager. The elder brother of Stewart Copeland, he will later become the Police and Squeeze Manager. Glen, Martin's youngest brother, does not enjoy the capital and prefers to return to Torquay. Miles offers them, to find a replacement, to place an ad in the Melody Maker: "Soloist guitarist: Think positive, creative, adapt well, for a future strong group" .>

During the auditions, Martin and Steve are faced with a dilemma. While they thought they were recruiting only one musician, they are faced with two very good guitarists, Andy Powell and David "Ted" Turner. Finally, not being able to decide, both will be kept>.

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