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A beautiful lie

A Beautiful Lie is the second album written and recorded by alternative rock band Thirty Seconds to Mars. This album was released on August 30, 2005 by Virgin Records. The album is produced by Josh Abraham and Thirty Seconds to Mars.

A Beautiful Lie has been recorded on four different continents and in five different countries for three years, making it easier for Jared Leto and his acting career. Three songs were composed in Cape Town, where Leto was joined by his comrades in order to finish these pieces. It was during this period that Leto gave the album its current title>. Previously he was to be called The Battle of One.

A Beautiful Lie is very different from the first album of the band 30 Seconds to Mars, both in terms of lyrics and music. While the lyrics of the first album were more metaphorical and concerned mostly the struggles and efforts of the man, accompanied by a relatively heavy musical atmosphere, A Beautiful Lie has him more personal lyrics, and the music a more alternative approach of rock.

The album was broadcast on peer-to-peer networks almost five months before the planned sale date; however, these versions were not mastered. Nevertheless, the band was forced to advance the date of sale and to add two bonus songs on the album, Battle of One and Hunter, cover of the singer Björk.

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