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Agent Steel is an American heavy metal band from Los Angeles, California. Formed in 1984, the band records its first album in 1985. Then, it will have several changes of line-up. In 1988, the group, of which John Cyriis and Chuck Profus are the last two members present at the beginning of the group, will separate.

The band reformed in 1998, but without John Cyriis, his singer and leader. John Garcia and Bernie Versaille are the leaders of the group, following the departure of drummer Chuck Profus in 2001. Finally in 2010 and 2011, John Cyriis will perform several concerts with the group. Since then, his status in the band is undefined because Rick Mythiasin is in the band temporarily since 2011.

Since 2011, members of the group no longer perform under the name of Agent Steel, but under the name of Masters of Metal, with exactly the members. Bernie Versaille replaces John Cyriis on vocals, and the band releases an album in 2015.

John Camps leaves Scepter and joins the Abattoir group under the name of John Syriis, then Cyriis. He leaves Abattoir and partners with guitarist Bill Simmons, bassist Paul Ginsert and drummer Eric Keck to form Agent Steel. John leaves the band to join drummer Chuck Profus and train Agent Steel with new members. Mark Marshall (before joining Savage Grace) and Bill Simmons join as guitarists, with George Robb on bass. In 1984, this group recorded, along with producer Dan McConomy, the demo 144,000 Gone . The demo is played on KMET - The Mighty Metal hour; and with the help of guitarist Juan Garcia; attracts the interest of the Combat Records label that signs Agent Steel. Agent Steel's first show is for Slayer at the Reseda Country Club in California. Steve Sinclair of Combat Records will sign the group.

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