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Apulanta is a Finnish rock band founded in 1991. The band started with a style close to ska or punk rock, then moved on to alternative metal and hard rock. The songs are in Finnish except in the albums Apulanta and Viper Spank where the lyrics are in English.

The group is formed following the idea of ​​Toni Wirtanen (current singer of the group) while the founding members were only teenagers aged between 16 and 18 years.

In 1993, they released their first single "Mikä ihmeen Apulanta?" followed by "T.S. + A.L."

In 1996 released their first album "Ehjä" under the label "Levy-yhtiö", with which the group will release all his albums. However the success in Finland only appears from 1997 with the album "Kolme".

The international success came in 2005 with "Kiila", thanks to the success of the singles "Armo" and "Pahempi toistaan". The disc became a gold record in Finland. In 2008, the band released the album "Kuutio (Kuinka Aurinko Voitettiin)", which marked the band's notoriety with the songs "Vauriot" and "Ravistettava ennen käyttöä".

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