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Árbol is an alternative Argentine rock band from Haedo, in Greater Buenos Aires>. He was formed at the end of 1994, the group is characterized by his simple and colorful lyrics, his particular game of harmonious voices and a mix of rhythms and various instruments, oscillating between rock, punk rock, hardcore punk to hip -hop, funk, reggae, electronic music, country and chacarera>.

At the end of 2006, its leader and founder Eduardo Schmidt left the group to later start a solo career. Thus, the band is composed by Sebastián Bianchini (bass, drums, vocals), Martín Millán (drums, xylophone, keyboards, vocals), Pablo Romero (vocals and guitar) and Hernán Bruckner (guitar, keyboards and vocals). With this training, they publish two other recordings>.

Formed by Matías "Chávez" Méndez on drums, Eduardo on violin and vocals, Hernán on guitar, and Patricio Pizarro on bass>. On occasion, they recruit a guest percussionist, who later becomes a permanent member of the group: Pablo Romero. Influenced by Faith No More, Mano Negra and Patricio Rey and Redonditos de Ricota, their concerts are performed in the underground scene at Mocambo de Haedo. The group begins to tour bars, pubs, schools, festivals and traveling fairs in the area.

In 1996, the group consolidates and plays, during concerts, several difficult musical styles. It's a mix of rock, funk, hardcore punk and hip-hop and unusual rhythms and instruments, such as the charango, the flute, the wind and the violin.

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