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Asking alexandria Asking Alexandria is a British metalcore band from York, North Yorkshire, formed in 2008 when Ben Bruce contacted his former classmates before returning to the UK after residing in Dubai.

Current band members include Ben Bruce (lead guitarist), Cameron Liddell (rhythm guitar), Sam Bettley (bass guitar), James Cassells (drums) and Danny Worsnop, back after a break of almost two years (between January 2015 and end of 2016) during which he is replaced by Denis "Stoff" Shaforostov (ex-Make Me Famous and Down and Dirty).

Asking Alexandria was initially formed in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, while guitarist Ben Bruce designed the band and composed an album (entitled The Irony of Your Perfection ) with the other members under the name Asking Alexandria. The group separated soon after and Ben later explained that "the group known as Asking Alexandria of Dubai was formed only one month before his separation, and that he never boarded for a tour. "

In 2008, Ben returns to the UK, leaving behind his old friends. However, Ben did not have anything to highlight his musical career and then remade the group Asking Alexandria with new members. Ben explains that he is at the origin of the name of the group, and that, as he adored, decides to train him in a new state of mind. He also explains that it's a different Asking Alexandria that composes the album "The Irony of Your Perfection" . This same explanation is generated in other interviews with the band, and remains confused among fans. Asking Alexandria, since his formation in 2008, knows change among its members, and becomes a group of five rather than six since the departure of Ryan Binns (on the synthesizer). The last known change involved bassist Sam Bettley, who replaced Joe Lancaster in January 2009>. Lancaster plays for the last time in Fibbers, York, on January 4th. The group moves to the United States, promotes their music in several shows, and prepares a new album.

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