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Cacophony is a group of American neo-classical heavy metal and metal, from San Francisco, California. He was trained in 1986 by guitarist Marty Friedman. Very impressed by his game, Marty quickly welcomes Jason Becker, a young 16 year old guitar hero.

They will record two discs combining the virtuosity of the two guitarists with the song of Peter Marrino. The Speed ​​Metal Symphony came out in 1987, then Go Off! in 1988. Shortly after, the band disperses and Jason and Marty leave on their side to make their own solo albums, but they remain friends, they invite each other to play solos in their respective albums.

The two albums released by Cacophony - Speed ​​Metal Symphony (1987) and Go Off! (1988) - demonstrate the highly technical shreds used in the 1980s with fast songs, melodic solos, neoclassical elements; and harmonization. Several songs are fully instrumental, and demonstrate the technical talent of Friedman and Becker. In 2009, an article from the Guitar World ranked ninth Speed ​​Metal Symphony in its shreds albums ranking.

Friedman and Becker will release their own solo albums - Dragon's Kiss and Perpetual Burn, respectively - in 1988, before the release of Go Off! Friedman will then join thrash metal band Megadeth in 1990, while Becker participates in David Lee Roth's solo band between 1989 and 1991.

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