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Cradle of filth

Cradle of Filth ( COF ) is a British black metal band from Suffolk , in England. The group was founded in 1991 by Darren "Daz" White, Jon Richard, Paul Ryan and Daniel Lloyd Davey, aka Dani Filth. During their career, their genre has evolved, starting with death metal and gradually moving towards a style of symphonic black metal. Cradle of Filth is commonly referred to as an extreme metal band. The texts deal with satanism (at the beginning), eroticism, romanticism, the devil, mythology, and other horror stories.

Cradle of Filth was founded in the vicinity of Ipswich (Suffolk) in 1991 by Daniel Lloyd Davey aka Dani Filth (vocals), Paul Ryan (guitar), Jon Richard (bass), and Darren "Daz" White (battery) >>>. In its early days, the new entity became known as "Burial" before opting for "Cradle of Filth" (another group from Liverpool already bearing the same name).

Cradle recorded his first demo entitled Invoking the Unclean in 1992 in an anchored death metal style with entirely guttural voices. Shortly after, the band joins a second guitarist in the person of Robin Eaglestone. There follow several recordings including The Black Goddess Rise (demo, 1992) and A Pungent and Sexual Miasma (split with the group Malediction, 1992). The same year, the English perform their first concert on their soil with the Scandinavians of Cadaver and Red Harvest. The second demo, Orgiastic Pleasures Foul (1992) is accompanied by the departure of Jon Richard, party founding Hecate Enthroned. Robin becomes the bassist of the group, Paul Allender (second guitar) and Benjamin Ryan (keyboard) integrates the line-up. The same year, Cradle signs at Tombstone Records and plans to record Goetia which will never be published. The studio sessions have never been paid by the label, the recordings will be erased>). Darren leaves to found Anathema, and Was Sarginson (drums) joins the group but only for some concerts.

The group's career really began in 1993. Their third demo "Total Fucking Darkness" (in fact, the promo cassette of the Goetia album ( 1992)) allows Cradle of Filth to sign with Cacophonous Records. The label's strategy is to release a single CD but the band insists on launching a complete album. In February 1994, Cradle reappears with a new face: Nicholas Barker (drums), and the album The Principle of Evil Made Flesh . This first album is between death metal and black metal, direct and effective, with little refinement (if only for the cover of the CD to say the least) and a lot of power macabre>. The lyrics are very influenced by sex, death and the myth of vampires >>>. Moreover, the band claims not to play black metal, but to create the "=" in "> Supreme Vampiric Evil . This album allows them to tour, in 1994, with At the Gates> and Anathema and gives them the honor of performing the first part of Emperor's English tour.

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