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Craigery Michael "Craig" Owens (born 1984 in Davison, Michigan) is an American singer and musician, member of the Chiodos, The Sound Of Animals groups Fighting, Isles & Glaciers and Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows.

As a high school student in Davison, Michigan, Owens joined Bradley Bell, Pat McManaman, Jason Hale, Matt Goddard and Derrick Frost in 2001 to form a musical group >>>. Originally named "Chiodos Bros. " in tribute to Chiodo Brothers, the band records its first demo in 2002>. After a few years of national tours and independent recordings, the band signed a contract with the record label Equal Vision Records in 2004 and, under the name of Chiodos, released their first complete album, All's Well That Ends Well in 2005. The group continues in their tours and recordings.

While Chiodos and Cinematic Sunrise (see here) continued their tours, Owens fights several personal problems. On July 24, 2008, four days after taking a xanax overdose at home in Michigan, he reveals on his Myspace blog that he has suffered from bipolarity and anxiety disorders for years. Even after his separation from his first group, Owens still enjoys working with members. On April 26, 2012, Owens announces his return to Chiodos>. As a result, on April 27, the remaining members of D.R.U.G.S. reveal their intention to separate>. The first Chiodos live after their reunification takes place on August 9, 2012 at a Flint Local 432 sold-out party in Michigan. Since then, members have been planning a new album, on which they had worked during the separation.

While working with Chiodos, Owens and Bell formed a second project called Cinematic Sunrise with the goal of composing music other than Chiodos' own style. When the band signed with Equal Vision in March 2008, its line-up consisted of Owens, Bell, Bryan Beeler, Marcus Vankirk and Dave Shapiro. Cinematic Sunrise is launching an EP later this spring, A Coloring Storybook and Long Playing Record .

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