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Darkseed is a German Gothic metal band from Munich. After its reformation in 2008, the group becomes inactive since 2014>.

Darkseed, a beginner as a death metal band, made two demos in 1992 and 1993. They favor an unusual method of composition approaching the experimental Gothic style. Follows their EP, Romantic Tales , in 1994, which will be reissued in 1998.

Their style evolved into gothic metal on their first album "Midnight Solemnly Dance" , produced by Serenades Records in 1996. The band signed with Nuclear Blast for their second album Spellcraft a year later. They continue in the gothic metal lineage while being influenced by heavy metal. The album is well received and becomes a success. Having undergone many changes of formation after their underground success, they live a year of hollow. During this period, Romantic Tales is reissued. Finally, after the training changes, the band made their third album Give Me the Light in 1999, followed by Diving Into Darkness in 2000, very well received by critics.

In January 2003, the group announces the release of its new Astral Adventures , April 28 in Europe>. Singer Stefan Hertrich leaves the group in 2003>. He returned in 2004 to record Ultimate Darkness , which was released in 2005 on the label Massacre Records. At the end of 2004, Darkseed was replaced by Stormwarrior at the Night of Power festival held on October 16 at the Adelsheim Live-Factory, near Würzburg, Germany.

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