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Death SS is an Italian heavy metal band from Pesaro. Through their albums, the band uses elements from many other genres including black metal, doom metal, thrash metal, speed metal, heavy metal (Heavy Demons), or even electro, rock and gothic, and industrial metal (Humanomalies). The group will then relocate to Florence, Tuscany>.

The band can also be described as horror metal, since the sartorial, theatrical and theatrical aspect takes an important place during concerts and album books, with occult atmospheres, horror, vampirism, masses. black. Death SS is influenced by horror movies and literature, by Alice Cooper and by Aleister Crowley's ideas, to which they have dedicated their album "Do What Thou Wilt" . As for the lyrics, they are faithful to the image of the group, and thus evoke monsters and vampires, eroticism and sex, Satanism and occultism.

Death SS (In Death of Steve Sylvester) was formed in 1977 in Pesaro by Steve Sylvester (born Stefano Silvestri)>, former member of Ordo Templi Orientis>, and Paul Chain (born Paolo Catena), who will embark on a more experimental form doom metal in his solo project, Paul Chain Violet Theater. The band mixes elements of horror, occultism and heavy metal and thus becomes a pioneer of horror metal> and black metal>; the musical style is called "horror music" by the group>. Sylvester left the group in 1982 and Chain replaced him with Sanctis Ghoram (on the EP Evil Metal ) before dissolving the project in 1984 to launch in a solo career.

Sylvester reformed the group in 1988, alongside new members. This new incarnation of the band records the first album, ... in Death of Steve Sylvester . For several years, training changes take place, with Sylvester remaining the only remaining member. The album follows soon after a second opus entitled Black Mass , containing classics like Kings of Evil , Horrible Eyes and the homonymous title, and paves the way for other performances in the north of Italy, as in Milan where they play alongside King Diamond.

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