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Duane Eddy is an American rock 'n' roll guitarist, born in Corning, NY, on April 26, 1938.

His riffs performed on the bass strings of the guitar, with a strong reverb, are characteristic of the famous "twang" proper to country music. His playing is simplistic in appearance, and the influence of Duane Eddy on rock and pop is far from negligible. Duane Eddy also excels at finger style, like Chet Atkins. It was rediscovered especially in the 1980s thanks to a sampling of Peter Gunn's theme by the group Art of Noise.

Born in Corning, New York, he started playing guitar at the age of five. In 1951, his family moved to Tucson and then to Coolidge, Arizona. At the age of 16, he gets a Gretsch model guitar from Chet Atkins and forms a duet, Jimmy and Duane, with his friend Jimmy Delbridge (who will later record the film as Jimmy Dell). While performing at local radio station KCKY, they met disc jockey Lee Hazlewood, who produced the duo's single, "Soda Fountain Girl," recorded and broadcast in 1955 in Phoenix. Hazlewood then produced "The Fool", Sanford Clark's hit in 1956, featuring guitarist Al Casey, while Eddy and Delbridge performed and played on radio stations in Phoenix before joining Buddy's Western Melody Boys. Long, playing country music in and around the city.

Eddy has developed a technique to play lead on the bass strings of his guitar to produce a serious and "reverberant". In November 1957, Eddy recorded an instrument, "Movin 'n' Groovin '", co-written by Eddy and Hazlewood. Since the Phoenix studio did not have an echo chamber, Hazlewood purchased a 2,000-gallon (7570-liter) water storage tank that it used as an echo chamber to accentuate the "twangy" sound of the guitar. In 1958, Eddy signed a recording contract with Lester Sill and Lee Hazlewood to record in Phoenix Audio Recorders studio. Sill and Hazlewood rented the tapes of all the singles and albums to the band Jamie Records, based in Philadelphia.

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