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Epica is a Dutch symphonic metal band from Reuver. Formed in 2002 by guitarist Mark Jansen and initially named Sahara Dust, this project will be first singer Helena Michaelsen, the band of Trail of Tears. At the beginning of 2003, she will be replaced by Simone Simons, girlfriend of Mark Jansen at the time. The final name of the band, Epica, will be chosen based on the Kamelot album with the same name.

Their first album, The Phantom Agony , released in June 2003, is produced by Sascha Paeth (producer of Kamelot in particular). It is said engaged unlike their second album Consign to Oblivion which is themed on the Mayan civilization. In 2007, released their third album, The Divine Conspiracy , combining a sound as always melodic, with an increase in power, and a return to committed songs as for the first album>. Their fourth studio album Design Your Universe released in 2009, will be different in terms of singing and guitar, this marks the departure of Ad Sluijter of the group.

In 2012, their fifth studio album, Requiem for the Indifferent , is well received by the trade press, and meets international success; he will be in the ranking of the bestsellers of singles in the United States at 104> place. On March 23, 2013, Epica celebrates its ten years of existence at the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven, making a huge concert called "Retrospect " which will also be broadcast in live on the web. The band will perform for more than three hours with an orchestra of 70 musicians and special guests such as Floor Jansen, as well as former members of the band Yves Huts, Ad Sluijter and Jeroen Simons. During the concert, a DVD and a live album of the concert are confirmed.

On April 2, 2002, Mark Jansen (then leader of After Forever)> was forced to leave his group. He was already looking into a parallel project which became his main group from the start. At that time, the group is called Sahara Dust>. Three days later, he contacts Ad Sluijter, a friend of the period after Forever, who hesitates to integrate a second group, but finally after discussion, accompanies Mark in his project. The singer Helena Iren Michaelsen then joins Sahara Dust, as well as drummer Ivan Hendrickx, keyboard player Coen Janssen (May 1) and bassist Yves Huts (June 15).

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