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Falling in reverse

Falling in Reverse is an American post-hardcore band from Las Vegas, Nevada. He is trained by Ronnie Radke, the former singer of the band Escape the Fate. Their first album, The Drug In Me Is You, is released on July 26, 2011. Their second album, Fashionably Late, is released June 18, 2013. Their third album, Just Like You, is released in mid-February 2015.

In 2008, singer Ronnie Radke gets involved in an altercation in Las Vegas that will lead to the shooting of 18-year-old Michael Cook. Radke did not shoot Cook, but he is accused of complicity. He was arrested in June 2008, during which time he will have to serve two years in prison >>>.

Released from his incarceration, December 12, 2010, Ronnie Radke decides to remake a new group>. He then asks his friend Nason Schoeffler if he wants to be part of his group. The latter accepts and other members are sought. Nick Rich and Anthony join the group. Nick Rich (drummer) leaves the band and is replaced by Oskar then Scott Gee> (former drummer of LoveHateHero). Anthony is replaced by Jacky Vincent and Derek Jones joins the band as a guitarist.

The group is originally named From Behind These Walls but will change its name to Falling in Reverse because a band already had this name>. Their Demo, released in 2009, includes songs without the voice of Radke, the song Listen Up recorded when Ronnie was 18 and the song The Worst Time recorded when Ronnie was in prison. In April 2011, Nason Schoeffler (bassist) left the band> for his own project with Nick Rich. A new bassist is then sought. The recording of their first album is delayed. Mika Kazuo Horiuchi will answer the call> and drummer Ryan Seaman (previously in The Bigger Lights) will replace Scott Gee>.

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