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Fear Factory [ F ɪ ə ɹ F æ k t ə ɹ i ] is an American industrial metal band with a melodic death metal influence, groove metal, and t hrash metal, originally from Los Angeles, California. Formed in 1990, Fear Factory proves its influence in the heavy metal scene in the mid-to-late 1990s. In March 2002 the band broke up after a conflict between its members, but later reformed without Dino Cazares, founding member and guitarist of the group. Former bassist Christian Olde Wolbers takes his place, replaced himself at his previous post by Byron Stroud.

At the crossroads between death metal (early in their career, the vocal style of Burton C. Bell having evolved from the album Demanufacture) and industrial metal, Fear Factory is a precursor group in several areas: the Concrete demo recorded in 1991 with Ross Robinson who will become a famous producer of metal, the use of 7-string guitars tuned very low and the integration of samples in metal pieces.

Fear Factory was formed in Los Angeles in the United States in 1990 by Burton C. Bell (vocals), Raymond Herrera (drums) and Dino Cazares (guitar). He recorded two songs for the LA Death Metal compilation before releasing his first album Soul of a New Machine in 1992. Bassist Andrew Shives joined the band to allow Dino Cazares to play the guitar in concert. The band is quickly noticed for its mix of thrash metal, death metal and industrial music, and it is in this vein that Fear Factory signs the following year the maxi Fear is the Mindkiller on which tracks are remixed by Rhys Fulber and Bill Leeb of the electro-industrial group Front Line Assembly. During the recording, the formation is joined by the keyboard Reynor Diego who, with Rhys Fulber, is present on the tours.

Andrew Shives left the group and was replaced in 1994 by Christian Olde Wolbers. They enter the studio at the end of this year to record their second album, Demanufacture. Produced by Colin Richardson, the album is released in June 1995 and brings the consecration to the group. The album will introduce the innovative style that defines Fear Factory, leaving aside the more death metal rhythms, to adopt a more square music and using the important use of samples and keyboards. Fear Factory will continue the tours, first in large groups such as Megadeth, Ozzy Osbourne or Iron Maiden, and then play their first dates in the lead. In 1997 comes Remanufacture - Cloning Technology , consisting of remixes of the titles of Demanufacture < / span>.

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